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Training with Vitalmonitor.
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> Extensive primal conversation
> Personal trainer contact with out limit
> Personal contact via (E-Mail, Whatsapp, Skype)
> Support without limit
> Nutritional advice


> Time-optimised training plan (for your own time limits)
> Training plan adjustment (sickness, family , work )
> Training analysis
> Modern diary function
> Training data analysis (SRM, Polar, Garmin,…)
> Training camp planning
> Race-plan (race calendar , nutrition, tactic….)
> Race-preparation


> Vital monitor
> Advanced trainings management
> 2 times days control of your HRV values
> Better balance of your regeneration
> Early detection of illness
> Illustration of your heart rate variability HRV
> Objective recoding of your stress balance

Optimizing your training with the vitalmonitor

Description of a successful training
and training advice

  • A specific training plan is useful for anyone who wants to achieve a personal fitness goal and a performance boost, without unnecessarily losing or using time & effort. Effective use of the time available for training is a key achievement for all amateur athletes, and is a goal of the training plan for my clients.
  • A Training Consultant is essential for beginners to:
    In order to have a planned & managed increase in performance versus expectation, to avoid early overloading of the body’s finite ability to sustain increased activity levels in the beginner stage.
  • For competition-oriented athletes with individual training plans and personal goals, who want to achieve improved performance more effectively and in a shorter time frame.
Throughout the ongoing performance review of your personal training plan, your results are analyzed in a one on one conversation to create your workout map. This is adapted by design to reach your training objectives and aspirations, and more importantly your time available for training.

Through scheduled or ad hoc contact by email or telephone, I will adapt your plan as required by the current state.

  • Weekly training plan with individual stress and heart rate target
  • Guidance to coordinate training with time and goals
  • Preparation for one or more athletic goals
  • Special emphasis for preparation and competition periods
  • Special preparation for the season climax
  • Special dietary advice for the competition
  • Continuous contact with the trainer via E-Mail / Skype/ Telefon / Whatsapp
  • Better controlling of your training: We are checking your HRV values tow times a day – with that data we can adapt your training before you start to train
  • Higher Performance gains: using your regeneration values we can adapt the training according to your HRV witch is perfect for you without overloading
  • Early detection of sickness
You are performing a measurement; your values are send directly to NOM-Training.

We check your values and you will receive a massage via the Vitalmonitor Vitalmonitor Vitalmonitor app if there is a change necessary. Like this you have perfect training for that day and the maximum advantage.

You also can respond over the app Iif you have question about the change or your values.

The measurement is the vitalmonitor’s core element. Our measurement uses the face that the heart reacts to different influence factors and shows positive and negative effects through the heart rate variability (HRV). How the vitalmonitor calculates the HRV exactly is shown here: From body to measurement.

The measurement is very sensitive. A normal beat-to-beat chest belt does neither deliver exact results nor point out irregularities in the measurement. Therefore we had to develop our own ECG-chest belt and now have a product that correlates with the data from big ECG appliances at a rate of 99,9999%.

The morning measurement should be taken always at the same time span after getting up. We suggest to take it on the breakfast table before starting to eat. Do not do anything stressful or physically exhausting before taking a measurement. Do not take measurements straight after getting up. For some people the waking-up process is so stressful that your measurement data is distorted.

The morning measurement is designed to calibrate your Vitalmonitor (here you’ll see why a calibration is necessary). We compare you data only with your own data and don’t use statistical averages.


You can use the status measurement in the following situations:

  • before sport: The measurement shows you how regenerated your are and suggest a training that bases on your body data. Below you’ll see how this suggestion looks exactly.
  • after sport: You can review your regeneration data and see if your training intensity was the way you planned it to be.
  • for measuring stress: The stress level shows you how you react to different stress-situations and stimuli.
During the measurement with the Vitalmonitor app there are two different phases: the resting phase and the breathing phase.


During the resting phase breathe normally. Just like you would read a book or watch a movie. Perform an abdominal respiration and don’t do anything that upsets or excites you or causes other emotions. Like mentioned above the HRV-measurement is very sensitive and reacts to a change of the circumstances. The resting phase lasts for 110 Seconds.


At the breathing phase the Vitalmonitor app sets a breathing frequency. Depending on the time your heart needs to adapt to the frequency of the measurement the app can calculate your stress level. During breathing in the pressure in your chest gets higher and your heart rate is faster. When breathing out the pressure gets lower and the heart rate slows down. Is your body not able to adapt to this frequency it means that stress, illnesses, not enough physical activity, bad diet or other negative influences harm your body.


Highest Standard of measurement.
There’s nothing quite like it.

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