Professional training and training advice
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Your individual training with Vitalmonitor


Training with Vitalmonitor.
As individual as you.

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> Extensive primal conversation
> Personal trainer contact with out limit
> Personal contact via (E-Mail, Whatsapp, Skype)
> Support without limit
> Nutritional advice


> Time-optimised training plan (for your own time limits)
> Training plan adjustment (sickness, family , work )
> Training analysis
> Modern diary function
> Training data analysis (SRM, Polar, Garmin,…)
> Training camp planning
> Race-plan (race calendar , nutrition, tactic….)
> Race-preparation


> Vital monitor
> Advanced trainings management
> 2 times days control of your HRV values
> Better balance of your regeneration
> Early detection of illness
> Illustration of your heart rate variability HRV
> Objective recoding of your stress balance

Optimizing your training with the vitalmonitor

Description of a successful training
and training advice

  • A specific training plan is useful for anyone who wants to achieve a personal fitness goal and a performance boost, without unnecessarily losing or using time & effort. Effective use of the time available for training is a key achievement for all amateur athletes, and is a goal of the training plan for my clients.
  • A Training Consultant is essential for beginners to:
    In order to have a planned & managed increase in performance versus expectation, to avoid early overloading of the body’s finite ability to sustain increased activity levels in the beginner stage.
  • For competition-oriented athletes with individual training plans and personal goals, who want to achieve improved performance more effectively and in a shorter time frame.


Highest Standard of measurement.
There’s nothing quite like it.

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