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Our BASIC Package
OBLA test with lactate


Highest Standard of measurement.
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> Extensive primal conversation
> Declaration of the test procedure
> Analysis and review of the results
> Detailed Documentation


> Functional diagnostics
> OBLA Test
> With your own bike or on treadmill
> Lactate diagnostics
> Heart rate measurement


NOW. Your performance diagnostic with Spiroergomety.
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There’s nothing quite like it.

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performance diagnostics – BASIC Package
OBLA test with lactate

NOM Training attains the highest standard of accuracy in the measurement practice & procedure by working with the foremost providers and using only the highest standard of equipment available in this specific area of expertise.

The Cyclus2 sets the upper benchmark for ergometers in the world of cycling. Packed with state-of-the art electronic- and information technology, the Cyclus2 ergometer provides excellent, accurate and reliable results whilst providing the highest level of functionality, variability and measurement accuracy.

  • Dauer ca. 1,5 Stunden
  • Professional consultation discussing your ambitions and goals/li>
  • Scientifically validated protocol (eg: 120W/40W/4min)
  • The highest possible accuracy delivered by computerized Cyclus2
  • The individual endurance training areas:
    • Regeneration (KB)
    • Basic endurance I (G1)
    • Basic endurance II (G2)
    • Development area (EB)
  • Professional analysis sheet
  • Statistics of the training areas in heart rate (beats per minute) and power values ​​(Watt)
  • Determination of the “individual anaerobic threshold” (IAT)
  • Chemical lactate analysis for maximum accuracy
  • Comparison of your performance versus your age group
  • Comparison chart both numerical and graphical, detailing your previous tests & lactate levels.
  • Personal training guidance and notes for the next training period
  • Your individual heart rate and power values ​​for the training zones
  • Weight reduction through the establishment of the aerobic range
  • Identifying the point where your muscles become too acidic thereby reducing energy output
  • Identifiable enhanced performance through effective training
  • Analysis of performance variation through comparison of previous tests identified
  • For all age groups and levels (ideally 2-4 times a year)
  • As a prerequisite for effective training
  • As feedback for their own training plan
  • To check the physical condition of the body
  • To evaluate the performance in the personal age group
The “individual anaerobic threshold” (IAT) is the focal point during exercise of increasing intensity at which blood lactate quantity begins to accumulate above resting levels, where lactate clearance is no longer able to keep up with lactate production thereby reducing the body’s aerobic & anaerobic working efficiency (within in the acidic range).

Physical achievements in the sport can be produced in different intensities. The intensity of the load is depending on the ambitions of the sportsman, the objectives, the achievement profile, the training default. Not every load is equally conducive for the organism – depending on the extent, the intensity, the frequency. The physical development, which by sporty activities, should fit in a training draught, so that a very efficient yield enters into the advancement of physical efficiency. A training draught – training prescription should contain the suitable sport for the respective sportsman, the weekly training time, the duration of the single training charms, the frequency of the training load, the division of the load after intensity. The definition of the load intensity orientates itself by the heart frequency and the metabolism load / lactate accumulation (milk acid education). Under low physical load only one low milk acid education is given, the performed work lies therefore in the aerobic area (lactate level / milk acid mirrors less than 2 mmol/l) and can be produced at least by 2 hours. In this area primarily, fat is used to the energy supply by the Body. With rising load intensity becomes the area of the Lactate-steady-state (max. letting, anaerobic threshold / lactate accumulation and diminish are reached in the balance). This zone can lie between 2 and 6 mmol/l Lactate – the coached will tolerate this intensity by 40-60 minutes. On the part of the energy supply a mixing combustion of fat and sugar takes place. If the load intensity further rises, the anaerobic load area is reached, with other increase of the lactate coefficient. Coached to themselves in the situation so high intensities up to 10 minutes to tolerate. The energy the organism gets is nearly exclusively from sugar (carbohydrates). To the threshold regulation of these achievement areas several methods are given, as for example of the Conconi test, the lactate definition with rising load in the bicycle or run tape and the Ergospirometrie to the regulation of the ventilation thresholds (measurement of the breath). Now the training control occurs about the heart frequency which can be controlled by pulse watches, as well as in the topclass sport area about lab paramet which allow to estimate the reaction of the organism to physical development and reveal early any indication of inpending strain. Overtraining – ineffective training – injurious training are catchwords which in the amateur sport are everyday, not so in the top-class sport area. A sports-medical consultation can answer these questions. This shows a valuable instrument of the precaution medicine, a guarantee for „healthy sport“!


Highest Standard of measurement.
There’s nothing quite like it.

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